Anonymous communities are constantly under threat - the nature of the attacks is not always clear, but the defense to mitigate against outside forces has always been arduous. Loki Technology is responsible for the maintenance of 5ch, committed to protecting anonymity, and always ready to support the community. It really is an incredible responsibility, but we are fully devoted to paying the hosting fees and bandwidth and employing engineers to keep everything operating to the highest potential.

  We are halfway through 2018 and the world is slowly inching towards embracing blockchains in our daily lives. Loki Technology has therefore decided to embrace blockchain technology and integrate Susucoin into the 5ch anonymous community.

  Susucoin is a cryptocoin that has been conceptually designed to protect free speech. In an upcoming softfork, Susucoin will be releasing the SUMO protocol to provide a permanent text storage system that will allow anybody to write thoughts freely to the Susucoin blockchain. These thoughts could be something you need to remember, like your shopping list, or something you want your children to remember, like an important quote. "You are not judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character", said Martin Luther King Jr. These thoughts will be permanently stored in the blockchain. Since data written to the blockchain is not under the control of any specific entity (including Loki Technology and the Susucoin Core team), no one will have the authority or the ability to delete your thoughts once they have been entered into the blockchain's permanent ledger. Thus, now there's a permanent and clear location for anyone from anywhere to write something that is visible to posterity.

  Completion of Susucoin mining is expected to take approximately 100 years. In the meantime, you have the same opportunity as any other person to mine and collect Susucoin. Let's work together to protect free speech, privacy and anonymity.

For more information about Susucoin, please visit here: